Novus 365 Blender
The 1st DC Motor Driven Blender
with Vacuum Technology
& iMP (Intelligent Module Power) for the Home

The Only Blender With More Horsepower Than a Lawnmower

Novus Blender
The Novus 365 Blender
  • 4.7 Horse Power
  • 3X Torque of the Average Blender
  • 40% More Efficient
  • Fresh Vac Module Prevents Oxidation
  • Japanese Forged Steel Blade
  • 20% Quieter

What Makes Torque So Important?

It's the Reason this Blender Transforms Brick into Rubble.

Unlike other blenders on the market, we’re focused on torque.

Most blender manufacturers ignore torque, using inexpensive ac motors instead. But optimal, commercial-grade blending requires enough initial torque so the blades can power through any resistance. The result is perfect, smooth and consistent mixing – year after year. What’s the best way to generate torque? A highly-efficient DC motor.

A DC motor converts direct current into mechanical energy, allowing for 10X longer usable life with 40% lower energy consumption. Also, 
since a DC Motor has no mechanical friction inside the motor, it is much quieter and the noise is dramatically reduced.

The Break-Through DC Power High Torque Motor

4.7 horse power with 2x the power of any blender. Powerful enough to shred a brick and golf ball.

10X longer usable life of motor with 40% lower energy consumption
7 ultra-sharp blades designed to ensure that everything gets blended fast and efficiently.
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Smart Pitcher Design & Features
Our patented BPA-Free smart corner design guarantees everything you put in the pitcher, gets processed through the middle. The self-feeding vortex, creates the right dynamic to make sure everything conveys down to the blades.

pitcher design
4.7 DC Motor with Lifetime Motor Warranty
Vacuum Technology Preserves Freshness
Variable 10 Speed Motor
54 Oz. Pitcher with Smart Corner Design
Ultra Quiet Operation
 Energy Efficient: 40% Less Power Consumption
Self Cleaning 
7 Japanese Forged Steel Blades
Blend Everything into Superior Consistency & Texture with iPM
The Novus 365 has an Intelligent Power Module, iPM that efficiently adjusts the speed and torque. It’s a smart, mini computer that knows when to speed things up or slow them down. It automatically adjusts the speed to be constant at a lower torque and higher rpms. When it blends ice, it knows to adjust to a higher torque and lower rpms.

Frozen Drinks
No clumpy blending, just a perfect healthy smoothie.
Great for sauces and soups that retain their raw nutrition.
Fresh Butters
Making fresh peanut, almond or cashew butter has never been easier.
Make your own vegan flour at home in seconds.

How Does the Vacuum Technology Give You Better Results?

Removes the Air Before You Blend & Helps Retain Vitamins and Nutrients.

Our commercial-grade blender has a vacuum-sealed pitcher to help retain crucial vitamins and minerals for the freshest taste without oxidation. Vacuum lid creates 65 kpa worth of suction – vacuum blending helps retain nutrients, percents separation, improves tastes and freshness.

Lock in More Vitamins, Nutrients and Flavor
Retain Nutrients

After 3 hours, our juice is still fresh, vibrant, and holds its color. The others are almost completely oxidized and discolored.

Greater Taste
Gives you tastier, smoother, and healthier results every time.
Preserve Freshness
Air kills nutrients and vitamins when you blend. Remove the air before you blend with our Fresh Vac Module
As Featured in the Doctor & the Diva Show
the doctor & the diva